Honorary Art Therapist: Mapy Violinist

Every so often while scrolling through Facebook, I come across a beautiful violinist playing upbeat versions of popular songs. Her name is Mapy. Every time I hear her perform a song, whether it be Despacito or I’m the One, I am reminded of the songs I’ve heard before but reintroduced to them in a way that is fresh and new. She brings an excitement back to music, without singing a single note. According to her bio, Mapy has performed with Kylie Minogue, Josh Groban, Indila, and others like them. She has performed all over the world, and in 2014, started her career as a solo Hip-Hop, Dancehall & Soca violinist.


In a time period where covers are mostly vocal and the instrument side of musical talent can be overlooked, Mapy Violinist is making a name and paving the way for other instrumentalists like her. She is a reminder that music has many different aspects, which earns her the title of honorary art therapist!

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