Guide to Positive Affirmations Poem

A big thing I noticed about being sad is that we tend to believe that the negative place we’re in is going to last forever. I learned in my interpersonal communications class that positive affirmations were important, but of course, most of us have heard this. “If you just think positive” “If you just believe in yourself” so on and so forth. We hear these things, but because of our habit of downing ourselves, we have no real way to put them into practice. Today, I’d like to offer a solution in the form of a fill in the blank poem. Behold.

I am ________(N) but I will be ________(P).

Today I think that ________(N) but tomorrow I will think that ________(P).

My life is ________(N) but it will be ________(P).

Today I feel ________(N). But I won’t always feel that way.


So you may be wondering, how are you supposed to fill this out? Well, the N stands for a negative adjective or phrase and P stands for positive. For example:


I am unconfident, but I will be confident.

Today I think that everything is terrible, but tomorrow I will think that things aren’t so bad.

My life is empty, but it will be better.

Today I feel stuck. But I won’t always feel that way.


With each day, hopefully your responses will get more positive and soon it can be P followed by a comparative P, “but” can become “and”, and the last sentence can be reworked. For example.


I am happy, and I will be happier.

Today I think that things are good, and tomorrow I will think that things are even better.

My life is special, and it will be more special.

Today I feel grateful. And I will feel that way again.


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