The Joys of Cooking Your Own Food…At a Restaurant

Last week, I went to Gyu Kaku, a Japanese BBQ, with my friend. I sat happily and hungry as we were seated by one of our friends who worked there. I saw a grill at our table and thought nothing of it until my friend explained to me that we’d be cooking our own food. Terrible cook that I am, I panicked. I burn everything. Literally everything. I burn things in the microwave. So upon hearing this, I got worried. However, my friend cooked the meat and shrimp that came to us pre-seasoned, and it became a learning experience for me on how to gauge time on cooking meats and on seeing different types of restaurants. It was all super delicious (whatever seasoning the chef used is heavenly) and pretty easy to do. I got to experience “social dining”, which allowed me to enjoy my scenery and the company of my friends a lot more than I normally do when I’m stuffing my face with all of my food at once. As the website says, “Gyu-Kaku offers the fun of ‘shared plates,’ inspiring laughter, conversation, and good times. You can’t help it – with a personal grill installed at every table, everyone instantly becomes an expert cook.” Plus the waiting in between meals helped me with digestion, which I normally struggle with due to how fast I eat. Check out the about section of Gyu Kaku, and try to find a similar restaurant near you to experience the art of eating!

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