Weekly YouTube Inspiration

So, since this is my first YouTube inspiration post, I want to start by saying that I watch YouTube non-stop, probably the way other people watch Netflix. YouTube is kind of like the best of both worlds: a cesspool of drama and a source of education. Both are entertaining, however, this segment will focus on the educational.

The first weekly YouTube inspiration video I will showcase belongs to beauty YouTuber, Jackie Aina. She has been a part of YouTube for years, building her brand and creating a platform for dark skin women and women of color to enter the conversation of makeup, which I view as an art form. No matter how successful she gets, she never forgets her mission, and that is evident by the topics discussed in her videos. For example, the one linked below.

In this video, she manages to discuss beauty and makeup trends and even review Bare Minerals products while busting myths about and uplifting darker skinned women. This multifaceted video and her approach is what qualifies this video as YouTube inspiration.

Though this video is not from this week, it is one that I wanted to discuss when it first was posted last week. Stay tuned for more weekly YouTube inspiration!

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