Bike Riding for Adults and Being Ageless

Last Sunday I decided to go for a bike ride to the Philadelphia Art Museum with my good friend from middle school. Problem was that I don’t know how to ride a bike. Like at all. When I was four years old and somewhat fearless, my older sister tried to teach me to ride a bike by pushing me forward and the l-e-s-s in fear fell along with me. I gashed my knee and was afraid to ride a bike ever again. Fast forward to me reuniting with my middle school friend in my adult years, and she’s super pumped about biking. I am too because it seems like a great way to exercise and release stress. It is also good for us without a driver’s license who are petrified of driving in the city but doesn’t always want to walk. So, the plan was that my friend would teach me how to ride a bike at the ripe young age of 22. Instead of being embarrassed by missing a vital part of my childhood, I took on the challenge. I rented an Indego bike, which are bikes that you can rent in Philadelphia, and my friend watched as I failed miserably at attempting to learn to ride a bike. But I won’t stop trying, and you know why? Because I’ve come to realize that age does not limit actions.

Of course, being younger or older can dictate how easily one can do something, but it doesn’t stop one from doing it. You’re never too old to try anything that will enhance your life. As a person invested in improving my health as well as exploring the city more to be inspired by the art that is the city and travelling, riding a bike would be beneficial. The benefits of bike riding not only include health and weight loss, but it can help mental health as well. A person moving is a person moving, meaning that when you are going somewhere or setting out to do something, you are more focused on what you are doing currently or in the future and less focused on the past.

Also, with the invention of the Indego biking system, it’s hard to pass up a 30 minute bike ride for four dollars!

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